Top 10 Phone Numbers You Should NEVER Call

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Never call phone numbers that appear in this video, because they are creepy and mysterious! Here are the top 10 phone numbers you should never call.
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 Phone Numbers You Should Never Call! Red Numbers – The ‘red numbers’ are a series of phone numbers which appear in red when you receive calls from them. According to urban legends, these are some of the “cursed” numbers . 12163331810 – What’s scarier than reading a creepy story? How about hearing an actual account of an inexplicably horrific conversation.That’s what you get when you dialthis number. 090-4444-4444 – There are horror films that are simply meh, but “The Ring” is one epic movie that pushed the envelope. It’s a scary piece of art, and it continues its frightening reputation over the phone.

“Susie’s Dying” – One of the first incarnations of the telephone came in the form of a public telephone box, and even that isn’t safe from haunting stories. (801) 820-0263 – If you’re getting a bit bored and alone, you might be tempted to test your luck and try callingthis number . (303) 309-0004 – There are a variety of varied responses reported by thosewho have dialedthese digits .In some instances, after you key in the numbers, you get what can be described as unrecognizable dance music of some sort. 0802-311-1999 or 0802-222-5999 – I’ve already talked about the red numbers which spread panic in Assam, India in 2010. But before that, an earlier, more direct version of this hoax struck Nigeria in July of2004. Freddy Kreuger and Carrie’s Hotline – While the previous items were mysterious and scared a lot of people, these next ones used fright to increase interest in the films they’re tied to. I’m talking about the phone numbers for “A Nightmare on Elm Street” and “Carrie.”Phone Numbers Related to Death – There are scary numbers tied to accounts of deaths, such as the two coming up now. The first one is (630) 296-7536, the direct number to Boothworld Industries. Calling this number allows you to nominate someone for remodeling. 666-666-6666 – The number 666 has always been linked to the devil. So, naturally, the phone number 666-666-6666 may be the devil’s number, and one Colorado mother experienced its spookiness firsthand.

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