Top 10 Amazing Ideas Scrapped By Pixar

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Pixar is an animation powerhouse: we love to watch their imaginative storylines and hilarious characters. Ideas, characters and stories get changed all the time, here are a few examples!
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Be Amazed at these ideas scrapped by disney’s pixar! Human blobs in WALL-E – WALL-E was a big smash hit, and a bit of a change of pace for Pixar. For one of the first times, we saw them take on a bit of a social commentary, as they showed us what life might be reduced to in the future. The Story of Newt – Surprised to be finding out that the stories you know and love looked a bit different in the planning period? Well prepare for a real shocker. Remy’s Mum – Ratatouille was a film that gave us both, lush animation of Parisian landscapes and city streets, and also the hilarious antics of Remy the rat and the main character of the film. Finding Dentist – Remember back when Finding Nemo first came out, that movie definitely made a splash! Audiences reacted gleefully to every part of it: the underwater premise, the super-realistic CGI animation, and most of all the whole host of hilarious characters! UP – We know Pixar as the home of movies that make us laugh, as much as make us cry. One movie that this definitely rings true for, is Up.

Inside Out – We all know the story of Inside Out by now. We join a host of characters meant to represent an angst-y teenage girl’s emotions. Cars humble beginnings! – Cars has been a huge hit with audiences, just look at how many sequels it’s had! It’s clear that Mater and Mcqueen are a big hit with kids and adults alike. Edna Mode – Characters in animations get redesigned all of the time, animation studios strive to get the most out of each character they create, so as such, no one character is set in stone. Everyone is up for being changed or shifted at some point. Toy Story’s alternate titles – Toy Story is the movie that started it all. It’s the first Pixar movie and the one that people most remember. Monsters Inc: The Lost Sequel – Monsters Inc was a smash hit; adults and children both found it hilarious and the premise is absolutely hilarious!

Be Amazed

Be Amazed

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