Here’s why IVF is NOT Pro-Life

“These are people too. We can’t just say that embryos have a right to life when they’re inside of the womb, but embryos in a lab don’t. Again, then we’re just, we’ve just completely imbibed this pro -choice idea that these are just clumps of cells that don’t have value, that don’t have rights because of their location. And so I just, I don’t, I don’t see it. I don’t see the ability. To be pro life and to have abortion or the anti abortion logic that we do as pro lifers and say, yeah, IVF should just keep going as unregulated as it is. Yeah, you should be able to create as many freezes, many transfers, many embryos as you want, because while we’re pro baby, no, that’s not a thoughtful position. I also don’t believe that that is a biblical biblical position because we are placing the wants of adults over the well -being of these tiny human beings. And again, that is anti pro-life. However, most people have not thought about this. Most people haven’t thought about this subject.”

Since the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that embryos used in in-vitro fertilization must be protected under the law as unborn human beings, essentially all Republicans have come out in support of IVF. But is this a pro-life position?


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